Liliam Hernández, Elisa Aquino, Gema López and Cristina Littin

Universal Cinergía Dubbing starts off through the big door dubbing the film Welcome to Acapulco
05 de septiembre de 2019

During the toast and ribbon-cutting ceremony of Universal Cinergia Studios in Mexico City, Liliam Hernández, president and CEO, stated that this is a memorable day for them, “when we are taking one more step for the growth of our company after a 39-year path. Thanks to all our clients present here, who, along with being our clients are our friends, that is the important thing, and your success is our success. We thank each and every one of you for sharing these moments with us."

Hernández also pointed out that she wouldn't have been able to achieve everything we have without her partner, Gema López. “The two of us together have managed to attain success, which is also your success."

“Our growth has been the result of our hard work, and beyond that, it is the trust you as clients, friends, have given us" added Gema López, president and COO at Universal Cinergía. “I am not alone, I have a great team backing all of us, behind Universal Cinergia, that make this possible."

They also welcomed the team in Mexico: Cristina Littin, who came from Chile and was appointed Artistic Theater Director.
Littin said how four months ago assuming the challenge seemed insane, but she did it as a great adventure. "Here we are to give you the best of ourselves and for your content to reach the screen the best way possible." She closed mentioning that the recently inaugurated offices will start to record immediately on Friday, August 30 with "our first film, Welcome to Acapulco, therefore, the studio is starting off through the big door."

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