Cristina Littin
Universal Cinergía Dubbing: Studios in Mexico City will start operations on July 1
06 de junio de 2019

With the recent announcement of the opening of their new studios in Mexico, Universal Cinergia Dubbing took Cristina Littin, film and television producer, to LA Screenings to be introduced to the industry with her new position as Operations Director of the new facilities in Mexico City.

Littin explains that the studios were created to cover a market need for new facilities for premium series, and high-quality products.

“They are three top-range studios, with which we will be satisfying the current demands of the clients of Universal Cinergia, which has grown more and more each day”.

With high level technology, the facilities are intended to start operations on July 1st, to take care of and process the material they already have from their clients.

“We are going to absorb the series for the platforms certified with the highest technology, with all the quality standards and also assuming the big Mexican dubbing talent that is what we want to find.”