Liliam Hernández, president and CEO of Universal Cinergía Dubbing

Universal Cinergía: We want to work with actors and famous voices in Mexico City as a sales strategy

06 de septiembre de 2019

Liliam Hernández, president and CEO of Universal Cinergía Dubbing, gave on #VisitaPRODU more details about the inauguration of their new recording studios in Mexico City. These new studios are added to the ones they have in Cuernavaca, Miami, Paris, and São Paulo.

“We are opening these studios to continue growing, we want to bring premium content to Mexico City and are open to new projects. We are starting to work and record from day one,” said Hernández.

The executive mentioned that thanks to the arrival of the new platforms, the dubbing industry has grown worldwide, since there is a greater amount of content that reaches many people in different parts of the world, and it is becoming more and more necessary to dubb into other languages. She also assured that in order to achieve good dubbing results, it is extremely important to have a good translation of the script and know the initial product well.

“We have to know the product and have good translations and adaptations of the scripts to obtain good results. We work a great deal on the dubbing of Turkish contents and the translation is made directly in Turkey so that there are no mistakes and we can develop a good job once the scripts arrive."

Hernández expressed that most of the dubbing they do is to Spanish and Portuguese, in equal amounts, and concluded telling her dream that Universal Cinergía Dubbing continues existing in time, even when they are no longer there.