Univision and Mediahub Announce Industry-First Initiative with EDO and datafuelX to Leverage Consumer Behavior Data as Performance Currency for Major TV Ad Buys
01 de diciembre de 2021

Univision Communications and Mediahub, a leading global media agency and part of IPG, today announced a groundbreaking partnership with EDO and datafuelX to leverage proprietary consumer behavior data to predict engagement performance for advertiser campaigns across Univision’s linear networks.

In a first-of-its-kind partnership to demonstrate the potential for true data-driven media planning and value for marketers, a major media company, global advertising agency, and predictive analytics and media technology providers have come together to serve innovative advertisers including Ulta Beauty, using EDO data as the currency.

“We’re excited to be partnering with the Mediahub team on this initiative to demonstrate that we can drive closer to offering what truly matters to marketers,” said Brian Lin, SVP, Product Management, Advanced Advertising Sales at Univision. “Optimizing business outcomes on television can be complicated because not all signals are created equal and often can result in not having the statistical significance to make a difference. However, through EDO’s behavioral response data and datafuelX’s predictive algorithms, we’re able to confidently understand as well as predict real world consumer engagement.”

“Data-driven investment is about more than targeting an audience, it’s about buying more effective impressions,” said Erin Hourihan, VP, Video Investments at Mediahub. “We’re able to leverage the same EDO data to plan, optimize, measure and ultimately, guarantee higher engagement for our clients. In a world of massive media fragmentation and endless consumer choice, leveraging proven next-generation TV metrics and behavioral currencies will be critical to investing in higher quality TV plans and placements.”

EDO measures the spike in consumer engagement behaviors, such as online search, for a brand in the moments after a TV ad airs. The larger the spike, the more consumers are engaging with the brand, and higher engagement is predictive of higher sales. EDO is helping Mediahub, Univision, and their advertisers ensure ads are placed in the right contextual environment based on how consumers engage with their commercials — and their competitors’ commercials — across networks, programs, dayparts, genres, and more.

“Networks, agencies, and TV advertisers want more than impressions,” said Scott Grunther, GM and Head of Revenue, TV Products, EDO. “They want to know if their TV investment is driving actual consumer responses in the real world.”

“We are living in unprecedented times due to the rapidly changing media environment. With that in mind, leveraging only historical data is not the most effective approach,” said Howard Shimmel, Head of Strategy at datafuelX. “We have built predictive models of expected search engagement, which reflect an amalgam of historical EDO and Nielsen data with a forward-looking view of Univision inventory. These forecasts allow Univision to build plans that will drive the highest search engagement for Mediahub’s clients.”

datafuelX provides predictive analytics with media expertise to leverage and fuse EDO’s proprietary data to television viewership enabling Univision and Mediahub the ability to better understand which programs and dayparts drive the most consumer responses.