Benjamín Salinas, CEO TV Azteca

Univision and Telemundo will air TV Azteca’s dramatic bar for the Hispanic market in the US

20 de enero de 2017

TV Azteca and its CEO, Benjamín Salinas, announced during Natpe that the contents of their dramatic bar would be aired in the Hispanic networks on the Telemundo and Univision networks. These productions include: La Fiscal de Hierro, Nada Personal, and Desaparecida.

“After 23 years, the 9pm bar will be represented here in US Hispanic by those two networks. They will both have and program our contents on primetime. It is a very important moment for us and we will continue this way for the next two or three years. These contents are audience leaders, with them we have beat our competitors, turning them into a formula that works very well, not only in Mexico but in other countries as well,” explained Salinas.

He said there is more competition than ever in the market and that “we need to join forces to make a better international product, leave behind old productions marked by exclusiveness. Now, we are thinking of a globalized world where coproduction is the future of the industry. We will see Azteca’s series on two screens and are seeing where else we could have a commercial partner for the US.”

He added that La Fiscal de Hierro is the first project and they are going to program it for next month. “We have other projects such as Nada Personal and Desaparecida. We will launch these three projects. The most relevant thing is that, aside from these three products, we have the 8pm bar with a plan that reflects we are clear about the path we are going to follow”.