Univision has developed their own technology, combining multiple solutions and defining a workflow that allows striking results

Univision Deportes: In Premios Univision Deportes we will use the tele-transportation effect

Maribel Ramos-Weiner|15 de diciembre de 2017

In the fourth edition of Premios Univision Deportes, to be aired live on Sunday December 17 at 8pm on Univision, they will use the teleportation technology, which, according to an explanation offered by Alexis Salinas, senior director of Creative Technical Services at Univision Deportes, has been used previously.

“We generally use it to tele-transport technical directors, players or relevant personalities before or after the games to our studios, where we interview them and ask for their opinions on topics related with the games,” comments Salinas.

He mentioned that the concept itself is simple, but the challenge is to move the camera during the interview –in the studio or event- when the guest has been tele-transported.

“Camera tracking is done using Augmented Reality systems and the insertion of the guest is made with our real-time graphics systems. Additionally, we have introduced the concept of multi-camera, which allows us, during the interview to cut from one camera to another, in order to highlight the virtual presence of the guest in the studio. We do all this live,” he said.

He highlighted that this technology is a combination of multiple providers. “At Univision, we have developed our own technology, combining multiple solutions and defining a workflow that allows striking results, both conceptually and visually. Production coordination is vital for the visual effect to be absolutely successful.”

Salinas explains that the first requirement is to have shots of the guest with multiple cameras, over a green or blue backdrop that can be cut out during the tele-transportation process. “Once we have “cut out” the video of the guest, we combine it with our camera tracking system in the studio, in our real-time graphics system, creating the tele-transportation effect. Once integrated, the “cutout” guest will respond to the camera movements of our Augmented Reality (AR) system,” he ended.