Julio Rumbaut, media analyst: Univision must evaluate original production whether alone, with Televisa and/or other producers

Univision must consider opportunities in original programming
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|14 de enero de 2021

Julio Rumbaut, an Hispanic media analyst, feels that in this new season for Univision, in the light of more platforms and to protect and improve its core businesses, the company "must consider the opportunities they have in original programming, whether alone, with Televisa and/or with other production partners”.

Regarding the new company executives, Rumbaut commented that Wade Davis, CEO of Univision, “has clearly chosen and divided the new leadership team to face the challenges and opportunities Univision is facing, such as the presence in additional platforms, the necessary maintenance and improvement for the core business, and maximization of income in new and existing platforms".

He highlighted that each leader has an exemplary track record of success in their respective areas in multinational media companies.
He expressed his opinion that new opportunities, the new owners, and management “are factors that must, jointly, serve to improve the relationship and synergies with Televisa”.