Barbara de Regil is Rosario Tijeras in Univision’s newest primetime series

Univision to debut series Rosario Tijeras produced by Sony/Teleset
22 de junio de 2017

The Univision Network announces the premiere of its newest primetime series, Rosario Tijeras, the story of a paid assassin from one of the poorest and most dangerous neighborhoods in Mexico City, a mysterious and seductive woman who is loved by many and feared by her enemies.

The series premieres Tuesday, June 27, at 10pm ET/PT and continues Monday through Friday in the same time period.

Rosario Tijeras is the perfect example of today’s evolution of our primetime dramas. It is a multi-layered and moving story based on actual, contemporary events that portrays its leading woman as a complex, strong individual who has had to fight for everything all her life--and not just for her emotional happiness, but her very existence, as well. We think viewers will make an instant and very strong connection to her story,” said Lourdes Díaz, president, Univision Entertainment.

Filmed on location in Mexico, Rosario Tijeras was produced by Teleset for Sony Pictures and Univision. The cast features Barbara de Regil as Rosario, and Jose Maria de Tavira as Antonio Betancourt, Antonio Gaona as Emilio Echegaray, Herman Mendoza as Leon Elias Arteaga, and Vanessa Bauche as Ruby.