Gustavo Ordóñez, SVP, Programming and Research at Univision

Univision: We don´t want narco programming on our screen
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|10 de enero de 2019

Univision´s programming formula concentrates on four main insights, says Gustavo Ordóñez, SVP, Programming and Research at Univision: collectivism, orientation towards progress, projection into the future and cultural richness. 

“Everything that fits into that formula is part of what we want to do. We don´t want Univision to be part of a return to the past. We firmly believe that people are seeking something else aside from violence, narcos, bad taste. We have had a few tests that we have not enjoyed, not only because the results have not been ideal but because that type of content does not feel good on Univision´s screen. We want to devote ourselves to things that build and not destroy, we want to dedicate ourselves to contents that raise us,” he commented.

He highlighted that now conversations with their production partner, Televisa, are much closer and open.

In their meetings, they review projects that are ready, “we consume things that are ready to go out on the screen. We speak about things we like and don´t like without beating around the bush. We are grounded on research because we have a coordinated way to measure these things in the two markets –Mexico and US Hispanic—, to bear in mind from the beginning that products are conceived for two screens. In this respect, each one of the things Televisa produces is done to ensure they succeed both in Mexico and in US Hispanic. We are a work team in which respect prevails, we communicate fluently and constantly.”