Wade Davis, CEO of Univision, made the announcement

Univision will launch Prende TV
26 de marzo de 2021

Pierluigi Gazzolo, president of Univision Communications and executive director of Transformación, “will bring us the launch of Prende TV next week,” announced Wade Davis, CEO of Univision, during the virtual event Una nueva visión en Univision on Wednesday, March 24th.

Univision's new streaming service AVOD in Spanish, Prende TV, "is currently in soft launch" and will be fully active next week. "We are launching with an incredible list of partners," added Donna Speciale, president of Marketing and Advertising Sales, who acted as the other spokesperson during the event.

A promotional video presented during the event described Prende TV as “the only free, unlimited, premium service and 100% in Spanish. An entire service built by Univision in partnership with many of the world's leading content creators and tailor made for US Latinos.”

According to a Univision Communications study, 96% of the Hispanics surveyed are likely to use the new service, which will also feature original content including the largest Latin American producers, and will have unskippable audience-oriented ads.

"We are launching with more than 45 channels, 30 thousand hours of content" and by the end of 2021 this number will reach up to 100 channels,” Speciale pointed out. “We have alliances with the largest studios and we are planning to make a lot of noise with about US$100 million in marketing. It is the biggest launch in the history of Univision.”

She added that Prende is just the beginning, because in February they acquired VIX. “This is a powerful combination. It makes us the only destination for streaming in Spanish in the US”