Bilai Joa Silar joined Univision as SVP of OTT Content

Univision's Bilai Joa Silar decisive in PrendeTV's creation
04 de marzo de 2021

One of the main growth areas for Univision Communications Inc. in its new stage is streaming. For several months now, the company has been strengthening the team of executives that make up this area led by Sameer Deen as Executive Director of Digital Media.

Rafael Urbina, who recently joined, works under Deen´s supervision, as General Manager and Executive VP of AVOD Streaming at Univision.

Bilai Joa Silar, former Pluto TV, NBCUniversal, and Discovery, joined the team as Senior OTT Content VP at Univision.

“Bilai is a strategic content leader with exceptional talent and a great understanding of programming in Spanish. Her knowledge and experience have been decisive in the creation of PrendeTV to attract Latina TV audiences, whose habits and tastes change constantly. Thanks to her leadership, PrendeTV will offer a solid set of over 30 exclusive channels and more than 10, 000 hours of video on demand in Spanish of international content partners".

Silar directs the content and programming strategy of Univision´s growing streaming portfolio, with particular attention to the development of PrendeTV. Silar is in charge of increasing the audience by acquiring programming rights and negotiating them with third-party providers, in addition to using Univision´s vast video library with entertainment, news, and sports to create the main OTT streaming service for Hispanics in the US. She also directs the strategy and execution of schedules and service programming and makes use of the research and data to obtain the right content to foster audience increase.