Unmute Your Voice

Pepsi motivates young Americans to use their right to vote
28 de agosto de 2020

Pepsi launched its new Unmute Your Voice campaign during the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, August 30. Esperanza Teasdale, VP & GM of PepsiCo’s Hispanic Business Unit, discussed this new initiative created by alma that aims to motivate young people to vote.

“We’re doing this campaign because we know that Latino and African-American multicultural youth are leading U.S. population growth, but do not necessarily register to vote,” Teasdale said. “We also know they often feel their voices are not heard, which is why we created Unmute Your Voice - to show them that by voting they can at last achieve representation in the government.”

The campaign features an educational platform that provides young people with all the information they need to register in the U.S. electoral system and exercise their right to vote. "We know these youngsters care about the elections, but might not be sure how to register and need more instruction,” she said. “This campaign leads them to the platform where they can get all the information they need."