Sangre Negra (13x60´)

Uno Productions presents the series Sangre Negra from Black List Studios
21 de abril de 2015

Sangre Negra (13x60´), dramatic action, suspense, love and intrigue series by Black List Studios, which tells the story of the clash and encounter of the generations of the Santos family, is the latest project that Uno Productions presents to the industry. "I am sure people will be enthralled once they see the trailer we are spreading. Currently we are in talks with several TV networks to make known this format, which combines the magic of a Latin America novela with the high quality concept of an American series. The drama of the series Dallas with the underworld of Los Soprano", said Luis Medina, president and founder of Uno Productions. Under the direction of Frank Pinnock, executive production of Gabin Kennedy and production of Ricardo Herranz, it has well known stars such as Antonio McKay (who also wrote the script), Eric Roberts, Danny Arroyo, Ricardo Herranz and the Hollywood star, Eric Estrada. The Santos family lives in Los Angeles and is composed of the father, Guillermo Santos; his vengeful wife, Laura Santos; the eldest brother, Guillermo, criminal lawyer; Ricardo "Ricky" Santos, mestizo and illegitimate son of Guillermo, who gains relevance in the world of organized crime; and Cristiano Santos, the youngest of the brothers, a renowned policeman. Cristiano is engaged with Francesca Natal, ex beauty queen, who is also the mother of Ricky's daughter, Natalya. Lastly, Miguel Santos, nephew of the Santos brothers, seduced into the world of crime by his uncle Ricky. Watch the trailer in {Uno Productions;}.