Palmira Pérez
Uno Productions represents the journalist Palmira Pérez
13 de marzo de 2016

Uno Productions agreed to represent the journalist Palmira Pérez, who has 20 years of experience in TV, lives in Los Angeles and is news anchor in the TV channel MundoMax, former MundoFOX. Pérez arrived from Guadalajara, Mexico and soon her style and abilities granted her a place in the Hispanic homes in Los Angeles. The Latina announcer has conquered spaces in the audience’s preferences, achieving a very good rating. She has been acknowledged with several awards for her impartiality, accurateness, nearness in identifying community leaders and follow-up of stories. She has carried out important news coverage abroad, in Mexico, Turkey and Israel, some which have been nominated to the Emmy Awards. She was responsible for the local KWHY-TV newscast for 16 years and has covered important events, such as the Rose Parade in Pasadena (for the last 10 years), has been host of the Broadway Party in Los Angeles, and special election programs, among other relevant events.