Valeria Nardecchia, executive director, and co-founder at Tsunun

Valeria Nardecchia launched her content distribution company Tsunun
09 de marzo de 2018

After more than 20 years of experience in the entertainment business, Valeria Nardecchia launches Tsunun, her new worldwide content distribution company.

“I am extremely happy to announce the creation of Tsunun, where we count on an international film library, available for all Latin America and Spanish-speaking channels in the US, as well as documentaries, animations, series and projects for the whole world. Our challenge for this year is to continue adding properties to our catalog and establish strategic alliances to expand the offer,” said Nardecchia, executive director, and co-founder.

They will also offer projects for the co-production of documentary series as well as production services.

The products they are commercializing include the documentary film Huicholes: Los Últimos Guardianes del Peyote, which received 12 awards and tells the struggle of the Huichol people in defense of their ancient lands in Mexico, where the peyote grows. They consider this plant to be sacred.

“It is an updated vision we are all concerned about: caring for the soil, the planet, and preservation of aboriginal cultures, where we can find great wisdom,” commented Nardecchia.

Valeria started her career in media in 1996 in Telefe’s International Sales department as a sales executive. In 2001 she moved to Miami and became part of PRODU for 15 years as Sales director in the Television area.