Mara Fernández, Flor Leibaschoff, Gabriela Walls, Concha Wert and Jorge Ortega

How collaboration like that of the Circulo de Circulos at FIAP 2021 enriches the industry
11 de mayo de 2021

Projects that lead to collaboration will always be enriching – that was the attitude expressed by leaders of the Circulos Creativos (Creative Circles)) of Mexico, U.S. Hispanics and Spain’s Club de Creativos(Creatives Club) in their effort to develop the Circulo de Circulos (Circle of Circles) at FIAP 2021. “We as an association seek to keep projects going that really work: local festivals, local events, giving ideas more punch,” said Jorge Ortega, co-president of Mexico’s Circulo Creativo.

“Alliances are good. Duos will always work better at developing ideas. There’s no work that can’t be done collectively,” added Gabriela Walls, co-president of Mexico’s Circulo Creativo.

Meanwhile Concha Wert, general director of Spain’s Club de Creativos, warned that successful alliances always have clear goals in mind. “In projects like these the key lies in defining the objectives and also in determining whether they’re sufficiently clear and concrete. The problem lies in achieving that.”

Flor Leibaschoff, president of Círculo Creativo USA, recalled that collaboration like this contributes to learning new realities. “The subject of diversity is super important. We all have our realities and getting together with other circles to learn their realities can only enrich us.”

Discussed in the Face to Face Webinar was the relevance of local prizes going on to become a shortlist for prizes at international festivals like FIAP.

“It makes us doubly responsible to have a top-level filter that gives us a new view on how to manage creativity in Mexico. All of which implies that our work must be seen at the local and international levels,” Walls said.

For her part, Concha values everything that gives local work the chance to be seen in other latitudes. “It’s positive. It allows you to open that window without further effort and display your work in other markets.”

Leibaschoff recalled that the alliance seeks to unite the local Addy prizes with FIAP and the Circulo Creativo.