Vanessa Lozano of Tono Studios

Vanessa Lozano of Tono Studios: The World Cup will be a great showcase for Hispanic creatives

Manuela Walfenzao|15 de marzo de 2018

Executive Producer Vanessa Lozano of Tono Studios noted that 2018 started very well for the audio company: “We have a bunch of fun projects on the table, like the AMP365 campaign with Latina music superstar Nicky Jam, the Auto Club Speedway project and a documentary series with versatile artists Jimmy Smits and Jamie Foxx. We’re also developing a very exciting auto campaign for radio, television and digital devices.”

The executive also announced the projects Tono is preparing for the 2018 Soccer World Cup. “We’re in full brainstorming mode for the Soccer World Cup and very soon we’ll be able to reveal our ideas for Russia 2018. What I like most are productions that vibrate with true passion for soccer and its culture, which is why I think that magnetic, integrated storytelling is the most important element.”

Lozano said her experience as Tono’s executive producer has been amazing. “I had previously collaborated on projects with Raquel and Jaime, so my response was obvious when I was invited to join the team. I have admired their work ethic and their reputation in the industry, so it looked like a good sign to be starting on the audio firm’s 10th anniversary.”

She added that she is thrilled with the support received from the entire team for her latest efforts to improve services for the composition and production of original music, as well as providing creative music licensing, something she handles very well thanks to her 14-year career in advertising and television.