Vassilis Bakopoulos

Vassilis Bakopoulos of MMA: We must catch consumers’ attention in the first second

Manuela Walfenzao|21 de agosto de 2019

The one-second strategy was the main topic of the presentation by Vassilis Bakopoulos, SVP of Research and Insights at the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), in the 2019 MMA Impact Forum in Mexico City. The following was a major conclusion of one of the organization’s latest study.

“We learned from the study that people make decisions in less than a second. When they check their mobiles and see an ad, they make their decision in that minimum time window, regardless of whether it motivates them or not," he said. "This means we must focus on developing truly creative ads targeting that first second. Because if that first second doesn’t grab them, they’re not going to go on to the second or third. We should therefore plan all our digital ads bearing this in mind."

He invited Mexico’s brands and agencies alike to implement such insights as soon as possible. “I am based in the U.S. and no one is thinking or has thought about this until now. It is something new and has to do with how consumers adopt information."

He said the MMA is currently focused on the future of marketing. “We are called the Mobile Marketing Association,” he said, “because that is our core, the place we started - and though mobile is a big part of the future, other studies go beyond mobile. We seek to help brands face the future in terms of reorganizing their marketing efforts and doing better measurement in order to ensure the effectiveness of their campaigns.”