Francisco “Paco” Cordero, from BTF Media and VCS Capital

VCS Capital: Currently analyzing projects in Argentina and Colombia
22 de junio de 2018

One of the most awaited presentations in Conecta Fiction is VCS Capital’s, the Mexican private capital investment fund founded by Francisco “Paco” Cordero, from BTF Media, and Marco Forte, with experience in investment models, that will serve to leverage independent producers.

“This is the first private investment fund born out of the needs producers have to start co-producing, co-developing and co-financing. We are financing between 4 and 5 films, and are investing in the development of a series. In this first stage we are based in Mexico and in the US, but are already analyzing projects in Argentina and Colombia,” said Francisco “Paco” Cordero, co-founder of VCS Capital.

The fund offers an array of financing products, curated by a committee and developed through a project accelerator. The goals include: generating an attractive return for their investors, through a diversified portfolio that is at the same time focused on an industry with high growth potential, and to boost the development of a quality film and television industry in Spanish-speaking markets. “What we are aiming to offer the industry is a custom-made suit for each project,” added Cordero.

In Spain, BTF Media is currently working on the biopic about Isabel Pantoja and the series on Maradona.