Héroes Con Trayectorias

Venezuelan journalist Alejandro Marcano creates and hosts original program Héroes Con Trayectorias, debuting on Vme in the U.S.
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|29 de octubre de 2013

U.S. Hispanic channel Vme, as part of its new programming, is airing the show Héroes Con Trayectorias, which premiered last Friday, October 11th at 9:30pm, with same-day re-runs at 11:30pm and at 12:30pm on Sundays. Each week, the 30-minute show introduces the lives and achievements of urban characters that tell their heroic journey from the moment they left their country of origin to when they arrived to the U.S. PRODU spoke with Alejandro Marcano, journalist and host, and Alessandra Benito, head of promotion, public relations and sales. Both are part of the team that created and produces the show. Marcano, a 25-year veteran journalist from Venezuela, is the creator and host of the show. Nonetheless, both Marcano and Benito say that the project is a collaborative effort that includes Jesús Acosta as director, cameraman and editor, as well as Juan Herrera, as creative director. Marcano says the idea for the show took shape four months ago, in part due to his jobs at La Voz de América and Mega TV. He noticed there were many stories worth telling about everyday heroes. The idea was pitched to Vme, which approved it almost immediately. The season premiere already has two sponsors: The South Dade Toyota dealership and car service center RS Auto Services Doral.