Daniel Benaim, CEO, creator, and executive producer of SinTicket.com

Venezuelan producer Daniel Benaim launches platform for live streaming events with interactivity: SinTicket.com
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|10 de septiembre de 2021

Daniel Benaim, an experienced Venezuelan TV producer, is launching a new venture under the name SinTicket.com, a premium digital destination that produces exclusive and original events for live streaming, giving the user the possibility to interact in real-time during the event with digital devices.

The first SinTicket.com event will be the Sobran Los Momentos… En Tu Casa concert performing Ronald Borjas and Nelson Arrieta on Sunday, September 12 at 8pm. It will be an 80-minutes musical tour of their greatest hits.

The pre-production and production of this show took about three months. Benaim explained that it was made with one shot, with nine live cameras, it was edited to improve timing and the sound has a more sophisticated mix.

SinTicket.com covers the entire process required by the event: from production, promotion and advertising, financing, marketing, to ticket sales and delivery.

Another important novelty is its digital advertising platform that allows geolocated ads, direct purchase digital experiences, and instant digital activations of very high commercial impact, with the advantages of the data offered by digital advertising.

Benaim guaranteed a very high-quality experience through SinTicket. “From the staging, the editing, and the interactive, they are remarkably different. We are changing the experience and focusing on the audience,” he said. He mentioned that the differences with other streaming events of the genre are in the technological capabilities (interactivity, advertising); the image of the concert is different "we have a disaggregated stage where the public can move closer to the musicians and the artist" and the original content before and after the concert. “From mini-interviews, additional information about the show and as a VIP you will be able to listen to an additional song.”

Both the preshow (red carpet) and the post-show will be hosted by the presenter Daniela Kosán.