Carlos Cabrera, VP of Sales at Cisneros Media

VePlus: We are complementing the linear offer with 1,200 hours of VOD in dramas
16 de julio de 2019

The Hispanic market is a territory in which Cisneros Media still has a long path to travel, assures Carlos Cabrera, Sales VP at VePlus. This was during the Convergencia Show that is taking place in Mexico City.

The recent distribution agreement with DIRECTV has allowed them to expand their reach with good results. “Two years ago we did it in the US and are now doing very well in the HD packages in Latin America with good results in Peru and Colombia, where advertisers are arriving,” comments the executive.

Another of the company´s strategies is to strengthen the linear channel´s offer with 1,200 hours of VOD content, mainly dramas. “We have a combination of recent and current telenovelas, people can choose if they want to watch Eva Luna or Las Amazonas, for example”.

In original production this year, they estimate they will reach 1.200 hours of new content, exceeding by 20% what they did in 2018, both in Caracas and in Miami. The new show of the popular sexologist, Dra. Nancy, in a different format that combines technology and humor, is one of the most expected offers.