Hernández: In advertising we try as much as possible to show the woman of today

Verónica Hernández of Ogilvy México & Miami: Advertising remains a male-dominated industry
30 de julio de 2021

''Every day there are more women with more important positions in agencies, but as you go up in the company that equality is lost. The reason has to do a lot with us, that we do not venture and our lack of boldness. Although it's still a male-dominated industry, we keep up trying,'' said Verónica Hernández, CEO of Ogilvy México & Miami during the PRODU Webinar ¡Mexicanas chingonas! Women who have succeeded in the audiovisual industry.

She also emphasized that women who reach high positions deserve it. ''At Ogilvy the ratio of male to female is 50-50. At the moment of making decisions, we sometimes collide (with men) because we see things differently, but it is a good coexistence. Men and women complement each other because we are very different.''

''In advertising we try as much as possible to show the woman of today, current, empowered, hardworking. However, there are many clients who still want the same stereotypes of women in the kitchen, because for the product they sell that is how it works for them,'' she said.

For Hernández, female leadership is much warmer than that of male bosses. ''We get closer to our team; we are like the moms of those we lead. That does not mean that we are not demanding, on the contrary, we demand more like any mom. On the other hand, with men it is more like a mandate leadership, what I say must be done.''

She invited women not to put up barriers, to be patient because not everything comes immediately, and that it is possible to be more daring.

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