Ana Celia Urquidi, general manager of Production

Veteran Mexican producer Ana Celia Urquidi named general manager of Production of Hemisphere and MarVista production joint venture
15 de noviembre de 2018

Hemisphere Media Group, Inc. and MarVista Entertainment, a major independent film and TV production company, have named veteran Mexican producer Ana Celia Urquidi general manager of Production of their production joint venture committed to producing top-quality international television content.

The new joint venture, which is expected to close shortly, is an expansion of Hemisphere and MarVista’s production partnership, which was announced earlier this year. The joint operation will allow the two companies to apply their specific knowledge and expertise to address the growing international demand for world-class content.

In the newly-formed role, Urquidi—the former director of the independent Mexican production company Argos Communications and director of Strategic Development and Talent at TV Azteca—will oversee all major original productions and will manage the production portion of many of the company’s co-projects.

Urquidi has over 20 years of experience in the television industry, producing content for networks and various platforms including Disney, FOX, HBO, Imagen TV, Netflix, Telemundo, Televisa, TV Azteca, and Viacom.

“This is a tremendous opportunity and I am delighted to work with Hemisphere’s and MarVista’s strong leadership team and share my expertise to create original, relevant, and high-quality programming that is in demand today,” said Urquidi.

“Ana Celia impeccable track record and vast experience in Mexico and Latin America make her the ideal candidate to head our new Production division. We have a vast list of projects in development. As part of this joint venture, our new production presence will allow us to produce our own projects and offer the highest production standards to our partners and co-producers,” said Jim McNamara, Vice Chairman of Hemisphere.

“We see an enormous opportunity of the need for Latin American content to catch up in quality to the ground-breaking programming being produced around the world and we are confident Ana Celia is the right person for the job. Hemisphere’s deep knowledge of the Latin American and U.S. Hispanic markets, and MarVista’s development and production muscle, provides us with a unique combination to drive innovative and world-class quality,” said Alan J. Sokol, President & CEO of Hemisphere.

“As we continue with our international expansion, this joint venture is a logical next step in the evolution of our company. We recently launched a new venture in Canada and we are excited to now grow our business in Latin America,” said MarVista CEO Fernando Szew.