Rob Christensen, Vevo; Mike Fisher, Essence; Aulden Kaye, Philo; Katie Barrett, LG Ads; Marni Rommel, Beachfront and, Brian Hunt, Sinclair

Vevo: The last four years have seen a great rise of connected TV
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|14 de diciembre de 2022

For Rob Christensen, SVP of Global Sales and Distribution, Vevo, Connected TV (CTV) is a new opportunity to bring music videos back to users' living rooms.

“Our content is seen in many ways. In the last four years, we've seen a shift towards connected TV. It has been wonderful for us to take advantage of this barrier-free opportunity,” said Christensen as part of the panel “The rise of CTV advertising” on the second day of Dataxis' NEXTV Plus USA.

In addition to Christensen, the panel included Katie Barrett, Head of Programmatic, LG Ads; Aulden Kaye, Director of Advertising Alliances, Philo; Brian Hunt, Head of OTT and CTV Ad Sales, Sinclair Broadcast Group; Marni Rommel, VP of Business Development, Beachfront, and Mike Fisher, VP of Advanced TV & Audio at Essence, as moderator.

For Barrett, one of the main changes is the migration of audiences from SVOD to AVOD, where the LG Ads offers an environment with more than 350 FAST channels. “Only in 2022, VOD grew 47%,” she said. And they expect it will continue growing more in 2023.

Kaye said Philo offers an alternative user experience and focuses on serving the consumer. “We are a 100% addressable platform for advertisers, we provide a seamless backend experience, we offer more than 80% of the time available on our platform and we have placed more than 20 billion impressions this year.”

For Hunt, one of the aspects of CTV that needs to improve is the discovery of apps within these ecosystems. He indicated that Sinclair Broadcast Group his sports and news apps operate in the connected TV environment. “Our news’ app is the second of its kind on Roku,” he noted. He added that with all their TV portfolio, websites, apps, they offer a reach of 91%. “We generate a billion ad impressions every month. We can hyper amplify the advertiser's message.”

Barrett referred to some interesting figures from LG Connected TV data. “We have realized that 4% of our households only watch linear TV; more than 40% watch both linear and streaming TV and 50% watch only streaming.”

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