Darío Turovelzky, Pierluigi Gazzolo and Guillermo Campanini

Viacom and Telefe presented their commercial strategy to advertisers
Cynthia Plohn, Buenos Aires|12 de mayo de 2017

Under the slogan La Fuerza de Viacom - Telefe presented in Buenos Aires the new integrated commercial strategy of all the Viacom brands, together with Telefe to advertisers and agencies.

“We are thrilled with the progress of the integration we have achieved in these six months, which already shows that the Viacom - Telefe combination generates a much greater value than the sum of its parts,” said Pierluigi Gazzolo, Presidente of Viacom International Media Networks – Americas.

Darío Turovelzky, Global Contents Director at Viacom International Media Networks – South Cone, highlighted that the company´s brands have boosted the impact upon the audience and its reach.

“With this integration, not only are we going to boost the individual strength of each one of our brands through the production of more and better content, but we are also going to generate relevant synergies for our audience on the different platforms,” he added.

He announced that the Viacom signals will produce contents from the Telefe studios and that important local launches are coming, such as Susana Giménez, Fanny La Fan and the biopic of Sandro.

For his part, Guillermo Campanini, general Operations director of Viacom International Media Networks – South Cone, emphasized that the company now has a great offer of brands that will contribute even more value to the clients’ business.

He highlighted the existence of Latin America Brand Solutions to develop contents for brands and tailor-made advertising solutions.