Pierluigi Gazzolo, president of Viacom International Media Networks – Americas

Viacom: This year we will invest US$3 billion in content(
Cynthia Plohn, Buenos Aires|12 de mayo de 2017

Pierluigi Gazzolo, president of Viacom International Media Networks – Americas, once again emphasized how fast and easy the integration between Telefe and Viacom was. They already have a block of Nick Jr. on an open channel and they are producing programs for other markets from Telefe.

Gazzolo expressed that with the acquisition they made of Porta dos Fundos they will add thousands and thousands of hours of their own original content, short ones, Telefe entertainment programs and original productions from the Viacom signals that are going to be available for the whole world. This year they plan to invest US$3 billion in contents.

“We can say we are 360°: we have the linear business with Telefe, our pay TV channels, and the multiplatform with all our applications, and now, with Porta dos Fundos we are entering a world of social media and YouTube, where we will have increasingly more channels. It has been said that TV viewers are changing the way they consume content, but the good news is that new mechanisms are being added and not that old ones are being replaced. Proof of this is that we have invested in a traditional open TV channel and in a digital channel," he pointed out.
He added that for the company it is very important to be owners of their contents because it allows them to distribute it and showcase it the way it is most convenient for them, and because they can do much more creative things with advertisers.