Guillermo Borensztein, Content and Coproduction Sales VP at Viacom International Studios

Viacom: We are moving towards a conception of strategic alliances to make quality content
Cynthia Plohn, Buenos Aires|02 de mayo de 2019

The changes and incorporations implemented by Viacom in the last few months are related to the transformation that the industry and the content business are undergoing.

“When launching VIS, we set a path. We looked for productions that crossed the continent, the ocean, even the planet. Content will not necessarily be in our hands, because we are going to produce for third parties," explained Guillermo Borensztein, Contents and Coproduction Sales VP at Viacom International Studios.

This strategy is accompanied by the opening of offices in Mexico, Brazil, Miami, and Spain, that will join the one in Buenos Aires, with the intention for them to work jointly with the company´s other production clusters.

According to Borensztein, the present of the industry is marked by the fusion of companies and the future by concentrations. “More players are going to create more content and are going to launch their own OTTs. We are a content company, of IP for our own brands and for third parties, who can be competitors in other areas, but currently, we are complementary. We are moving towards a conception of strategic talent alliances to make quality content".

The company will take to LA Screenings Atrapa a un Ladrón, that will be aired on Paramount Networks in Spain, Italy, France, the Middle East and they are seeking a partner for Latin America. Additionally, they will take the youth series Club 57 (in co-production with Rainbow Group), that was launched on RAI Italy and will soon be seen on Nickelodeon, Campanas en la Noche, Telefe´s primetime fiction; Homens?, a production by Comedy Central and Porta Dos Fundos and contents from Awesomeness TV.