Victoria Alfaro from Dentsu Creative Mexico: V-Land is a team piece between Business, Strategy and the client
10 de noviembre de 2023

How can we prevent women's menstruation from being a taboo topic in Mexico? This was one of the challenges Saba set out to resolve, a leading brand in female protection and daily intimate care in Mexico and Central America.

Together with Dentsu Creative Mexico, Saba developed V-Land, a game in metaverse to normalize menstruation. PRODU spoke with Victoria Alfaro, Creative Director of the agency, who, together with Hiram Picazo, were responsible for the leadership of the videogame campaign.

“It is the work of an amazing team. It is a team piece between Business, Strategy and client” says Victoria. “The brand is constantly focused on breaking taboos”.

This innovation arose after the brand gathered valuable insights that reflect lack of information and knowledge on the menstrual cycle. The videogame was developed in three months on the Roblox platform, where children, teenagers and families are allowed to learn about and normalize menstruation.

Education is more effective when it is combined with entertainment, furthered Victoria. "This information is aimed at boys and girls. It is a natural conversation for both. We are centered on that platform due to the large number of children".

The campaign is aimed at 7 to 15-year old boys and girls and to parents. It seeks to eliminate prejudice and to normalize the conversation on menstruation in Mexican families.