Palmeras En La Nieve

ViendoMovies brings a season of films from Mexico, Spain and the Caribbean
20 de marzo de 2018

ViendoMovies will have a selection of 10 outstanding debuts between March 20 and July 21, characterized by a high production, acting and storytelling level.

First, there will be four Mexican films: Volando Bajo, that follows the life of a great music star and popular cinema of the 1980s; El Cumple De La Abuela, another comedy on family reunions; Familia Gang, a satire that highlights current political problems in Mexico; and De Las Muertas, a thriller that depicts an interview between a prisoner and a reporter.

Another film that is about to be released is the Venezuelan director, Lorenzo Vigas´opera prima, Desde Allá, a drama with suspense, that has won 9 awards and has had 23 nominations.

Later, they will air three Spanish movies: Palmeras En La Nieve, adaptation of the novel with the same title by Luz Gabas, which was a best-seller in Spain in 2012; Anacleto Agente Secreto, that talks about the adventures of a veteran secret agent; and Embarazados, in which a couple in their thirties do everything they can to get pregnant.

To end, there will be two films from the Caribbean: Primero De Enero, about a 12-year-old-child who wants to recover his father´s stolen piano; and Los Últimos Días En La Habana, a tragic story of a man who is dying of aids in Havannah, that won three awards in the Festival of Málaga.