Las Horas Muertas stars Kristyan Ferrer, Adriana Paz and Eliseo Lara Martínez
ViendoMovies brings new releases for the month of May
28 de abril de 2017

ViendoMovies announces that starting May 1st and throughout the entire month they will have varied and entertaining programming, with a combination of genres and countries for all their audience´s preferences.

They will begin with the Mexican film Las Horas Muertas, directed by Aarón Fernández. A dramatic and romantic story about Sebastian and Miranda, a real estate broker who occasionally meets with her lover Mario, but he is always late, so Sebastian and Miranda spend time together. Awarded in the Guadalajara International Film Festival, in the Tokyo International Film Festival, and the Morelia Film Festival.

La Yuma is the following film. A nicaraguan movie about a woman who wants to be a boxer. She meets Ernesto, a journalism student. Despite the differences between them, they fall in love, but the gap between the two separate them, and crime and poverty show Nicaragua divided in contrasting classes. It was directed by the French director Florence Jaugey.

The next one is the Spanish film Alpha, about three Young men, childhood friends who perpetrated crimes together. Later, for different reasons, their paths parted. Another Spanish film comes next: Rumbos, directed by Manuela Burló Moreno, a drama with crossed stories, awarded at the 2015 Malaga Festival de Málaga del 2015.

Lastly, Espejuelos Oscuros, directed by the Cuban Jessica Rodríguez. It is the story of a character forced to tell stories to survive, going through four moments in Cuban history. It was shot in Havana with outstanding Cuban actors.