Elvira, te Daría mi Vida Pero la Estoy Usando

ViendoMovies celebrates with several successful premieres in October
02 de octubre de 2018

ViendoMovies announces its very successful premieres for October when the channel hits its higher viewer ratings. These Ibero-American productions bring together drama, romance, and comedy.

Among the premieres, there is the Mexican drama Elvira, te Daría mi Vida Pero la Estoy Usando features actress Cecilia Suárez. The star of the popular series La Casa de las Flores, plays Elvira, a 40-year-old woman, and mother of two children. One night, Gustavo, her husband, goes out to buy some cigars and never returns.

El Club (Chile), a movie with more than 19 nominations, including a Golden Globe, and 17 international awards premieres in ViendoMovies. This film plot’s develops between four priests who live in a retreat house on a coastal town, under the eyes of Monica, a nun caretaker. The priests are there to purge their sins; however, their routine and peacefulness are broken when a tormented new arrival makes them relive the past they thought they had left behind.

For suspense lovers, the Argentinean film Baires is brought to the screen. Mateo (Benjamin Vicuña) and Trini (Sabrina Garciarena) take a romantic vacation that turns into a nightmare when a gang of drug traffickers kidnaps Trini. The only way they will release her is if Mateo takes a cocaine shipment to Spain. Once he fulfills his dangerous mission, the criminals commit to putting Trini on the next flight to Madrid.

Bajo la Rosa (Spain) and Tamara (Venezuela) are two premieres where suspense, love, and crime come together as a perfect combination.

Finally, for comedy aficionados, several films are featured in October. El País más Feliz del Mundo (Colombia), Mañana No Te Olvides (Dominican Republic) and Oh! Mammy Blue.