Campeones México Sub 17, directed and scripted by the late great actress and producer Lourdes Deschamps, is based on real events

ViendoMovies presents Campeones México Sub 17 in September
28 de agosto de 2020

ViendoMovies presents a set of Hispanic films available in September. The films were selected by their good production, quality, and positive reviews, thus bringing the best of the cinema to the United States and Puerto Rico channel’s subscribers.

ViendoMovies will premiere Campeones México Sub 17 (Mexico), Veneno (Dominican Republic), Sin Rodeos (Spain), Matar a Jesús (Colombia) and Quién te Cantará (Spain).

Among the titles is Campeones México Sub 17. Directed and scripted by the late great actress and producer Lourdes Deschamps, the drama, based on real events, tells the story of a coach and his 21 players under the age of 17 who brought the first Soccer World Cup to Mexico. The plot goes beyond the soccer fields telling us the coaching staff and the players’ adventures on their way to achieving victory.

Continuing with the dramatic genre, Veneno is the story of Jack "Veneno", the most famous wrestling fighter in the Dominican Republic and his greatest enemy Jose "Relámpago" Hernandez. From their rivalry, an entire town surrendered to the well-orchestrated magic of wrestling.

Matar a Jesús is the dramatic story of Paula, a 22-year-old student who witnesses the murder of her beloved father. She manages to see the killer as he escapes. Devastated by the pain, Paula and her family will have to face official indolence. The authorities will not make any effort to clarify what happened and the case will soon be shelved and suspended.

In the comedy genre, the channel presents Sin rodeos, directed by Santiago Segura. Paz (Maribel Verdú) has a perfect life, but there is something that does not work for her, and desperate, she will rely on a Hindu "healer" who will offer her a potion to releases tensions. The potion is more powerful than expected, and accidentally, Paz swallows the entire bottle, turning her into a surprising "unfiltered" woman.