Un Traductor

ViendoMovies presents Cuba´s movie Un Traductor
07 de enero de 2021

ViendoMovies starts 2021 with a set of successful and modern films that gather great productions and casts of famous artists.

Animal (Argentina), Mente Revolver (Mexico), Un Traductor (Cuba), El Piedra (Colombia), and De Pez en Cuando (Dominican Republic) are part of this set of movies, programed ideally in January when ratings and television turn-ons increase significantly.

Un Traductor, nominated for the Forqué Awards for best Latin American film, at the Fénix Awards in the category of best actor and opera prima, and at the Sundance and Shanghai Festivals, tells the story of Malin who lives in the time of the Chernobyl nuclear accident. Malin (a professor of Russian literature at the University of Havana) is separated from his family to work as a translator between Cuban doctors and children who are beginning to arrive from the USSR to receive treatment for the radiation exposure. Malin must find a solution to prevent fall into depression.