El Elegido stars Alfonso Herrera

ViendoMovies presents exclusive premieres and family entertainment
01 de mayo de 2020

ViendoMovies presents over the month of May outstanding programming. Now that the channel’s audience has to remain at home, ViendoMovies offers premieres from different genres and highlights important dates for the Latino community such as Cinco de Mayo and Mother's Day.

On May 5, ViendoMovies honors the Mexican population in the United States, by presenting a movie cycle full of Mexican films. Sueño En Otro Idioma, Cómprame Un Revolver, Mole De Olla, La Voz De Un Sueño and La Lengua Del Sol are some of the movies scheduled to commemorate this cheerful date.

Continuing with the celebrations, Mother’s Day is another special date for many Hispanic-American families. On Sunday 10, ViendoMovies presents 9 Meses (Spain), Las Ineses (Argentina), Ma Ma (Spain), 3 Bellezas (Venezuela), Mamá Se Fue De Viaje (Argentina), among others.

The main premiere for May is El Reino. This Spanish thriller obtained 35 nominations and 23 international awards. Starring by the acclaimed actors Antonio de La Torre and Josep Maria Pou, Manuel (de La Torre) is an influential Spanish politician whose upper-class lifestyle is based on illegal business; however, his life falls apart through a sequence of leaks. Manuel will not go alone on this unfortunate path since he will bring the entire political party with him.

Continuing with the thriller genre, the channel premieres the Spanish period film El Elegido, starring by the Mexican actor, Alfonso Herrera who plays Ramón Mercader, a young Republican officer.