Sbaraglia has developed his artistic career between Spain and Argentina

ViendoMovies presents Leonardo Sbaraglia movie cycle
07 de abril de 2021

ViendoMovies is presenting this April the Sbaraglia Movie Cycle in homage to the Argentine actor, Leonardo Sbaraglia.  

With these types of cycles, ViendoMovies focuses on promoting actors with a successful trajectory and high popularity among the channel’s Hispanic audience, thus satisfying their tastes with fresh, current and relevant programming.

The actor, who was born in Buenos Aires in 1970, has developed his artistic career between Spain and Argentina, two of the greatest powers of Spanish cinema. He has an extensive filmography, began his career in 1986 and has since been known for his work in Argentine and Hispanic cinematography, theatre and television.

Every Sunday a movie will be presented. Starting with Al Final Del Túnel. Joaquín (Sbaraglia) is in a wheelchair alone in his house and decides to rent a room to Berta (Clara Lago). One night, Joaquin hears noises under the floor of his basement, only to realize it's a gang of criminals digging a tunnel to get to a bank floor and steal it.

For the second Sunday the channel presents El Otro Hermano. This drama is the story of Cetarti (Daniel Hendler), an unemployed man who travels to a lonely town in Argentina to take care of the corpses of his unlinked mother and brother, who have been brutally murdered. The main reason for this trip is to collect a life insurance in order to settle in Brazil. There he meets a village kingpin and friend of his mother's killer, with whom he establishes a strange society to manage and collect the inheritance.

On the third Sunday, El Desentierro is presented. Jordi has arrived in Levante to attend the burial of an important Conseller. The sudden appearance of an Albanian woman in the village causes Jordi to investigate the past of his father Pau (Sbaraglia), who disappeared 20 years ago and thought was already dead.

To finish the cycle, Acusada is a court drama where a young student (Lali Esposito) is charged with the brutal murder of her best friend. Dolores prepares for the trial isolated at home.