Papá Youtuber (Peru) is one of the March´s premieres

ViendoMovies presents premieres and movie cycles
23 de febrero de 2021

ViendoMovies premieres in March a set of exclusive and modern Spanish movies aimed at the Latino families residing in the United States and Puerto Rico. This month, ViendoMovies keeps its programming with modern Spanish films featuring El Diablo Entre Las Piernas (Mexico), El Doble Más Quince (Spain), Papa Youtuber (Peru), En La Luz (Honduras), and Más Que Hermanos (Panama), as well as two film cycles (Especial de Los Premios Goya y Ciclo de Cine de Comedias).

As the dramatic main premieres are El Diablo Entre Las Piernas, followed by the El Doble Más Quince.

As entertainment for the whole family is Papá Youtuber. A father who is not into technology is fired by his new boss, a young millennial. In desperation not to lose his house and after learning that his wife is pregnant, he decides to become a Youtuber, for which he will need the help of his two misunderstood children.

Also, for this month the channel premieres En La Luz with characters played by Mario Cimarro, Socorro Bonilla, and Silvana Arias, this is the story of a woman suffering from a disease but finds on her path people who continue to teach her life lessons.

ViendoMovies presents on Saturday 6 the Especial de Los Premios Goya with nominated and award-winning films in previous years, and Ciclo de Cine de Comedias with the best comedy films to be enjoyed with the family.