ViendoMovies celebrates Father’s Day

ViendoMovies will present a special programming in celebration of all fathers

11 de junio de 2019

ViendoMovies presents this coming Sunday 16 a special programming in celebration of all fathers.

With movies from South America and Spain, the channel willl present a cycle dedicated to “men of the house”: Pablo, Toro, Súper Papá, Kiki, El Amor se Hace and Muerte en Buenos Aires.

For soccer fans, ViendoMovies presents Pablo (Colombia). Pablo loves soccer and wants to become a famous player so he can fulfill his dream and also have his father recognize his efforts. On the day of his debut, an injury changes Paul’s path and takes him down, only courage will help him get up again. ViendoMovies also presents Toro (Spain).

From the popular genre of comedy, the channel brings from the Dominican Republic Súper Papá and from Spain Kiki, el Amor se Hace. In Súper Papá, the great comedian Roberto Ángel Salcedo plays Juan, a widowed father with six children. Juan is forced to fight a legal battle with his in-laws, who want custody of all of the children and take them abroad.

With a touch of sensuality Kiki, el Amor se Hace (nominated for the Goya Awards and the Feroz Awards) tells the story of five couples, all willing to discover how to get pleasure in very peculiar ways and without prohibitions.

To finish Father’s Day celebration, Demian Bichir stars in Muerte en Buenos Aires, a film full of drama that highlights the homosexual scene of the 80s in Buenos Aires.