Truman (Spain) stars Ricardon Darín and Javier Cámara

ViendoMovies with exclusive box office premiers from the Spanish movie cinema this August

15 de agosto de 2019

SOMOS TV’s ViendoMovies announces its premieres for this month of August. The movie channel will present a set of films recognized worldwide for their excellent productions and international cast. In addition to the exclusive premieres, the channel brings a series of films by acclaimed actress Sandra Echeverria where each Sunday, her fans will be able to enjoy four of her most famous movies: Cambio de Ruta, Quiero Ser Fiel, Volando Bajo, and Amor de Mis Amores.

The month begins with the Spanish thriller Incierta Gloria. The plot takes place in 1937 in the middle of the Spanish Civil War. A widowed woman meets a young married officer and makes him fall in love with her obsessively. The film won eight awards among the Gaudí, Sant Jordi, Turia, and the Actors Union Awards, and was nominated for 16 awards including the Goya, Feroz Awards, among others.

Following the monthly premiers, ViendoMovies presents Truman (Spain). This comedy, with a touch of drama, puts the context of friendship above all things. Julián (Ricardo Darín) and Tomás (Javier Cámara) are lifelong friends. Julian decides to visit Tomás in Canada and both spend very emotional and surprising moments, especially since this will be their last meeting.

The channel also premieres Más Amaneceres (Mexico), winner of the Hermosillo International Film Festival. Directed by Jorge Leyva, it tells the story of Diego, an 11 years old boy who lives in a small fishing community in northern Mexico.

The Argentine presence will be marked by the movie Los Que Aman Odian. This thriller, which takes place in an old abandoned hotel on a lonely beach, tells how Enrique Hubermann (Guillermo Francella) - a doctor by profession - flees from the love of Mary (Luisiana Lopilato), one of his patients who are very beautiful, but bad and manipulative. By destiny, in that distant place, he meets her. In the midst of a horrible storm that isolates them from the world their stories intersect, and this is how Enrique is involved in the complex and mysterious situations that take place in this hotel. The film won 7 nominations at the South Awards.

Other exclusive premiers are El Otro Hermano (Argentina), El Amparo (Venezuela), Morir (Spain), Pasao de Libras (Dominican Republic) and Kenke (Panama).