Vincent Sadusky, CEO of Univision

Vincent Sadusky from Univision: We will adopt a long-term perspective to receive fair fees for our content
15 de agosto de 2018

The new CEO of Univision, Vincent Sadusky, spoke for the first time about the interruption of Univision stations and networks on DISH during the quarterly report on profits. 

"Twenty years ago, more or less, Univision had a big role in the launch of DishLATINO, that became a truly successful pay TV service. We estimate that DISH sold more than a million DishLATINO plans and that Hispanics represent approximately 20% of their total clients. If we only count plans, we estimate that Hispanics have generated more than a million annually for this company, that is we are truly important, and ultimately boost the greatest audience, by far, in terms of Hispanic viewers among DISH clients," said Sadusky.

He mentioned that DISH's decision seems to be firm. “We are ready to go in terms of using the full promotional capabilities of our company, which are very significant, and begin to convert what we believe is well over a million DishLATINO subscribers—and again that doesn’t even include Hispanic subscribers to the non-Latino service—so they can get the programming they desire,” he said.

Sadusky added that with the best programming in Spanish and with their outstanding live content portfolio, they must receive a fair portion of distribution profit. "Our TV viewers are comparable to those of the five main networks in English; however, Univision receives considerably less than their peers in English. We are determined to reduce the gap as of now."