Roxana Rotundo, VIP 2000 TV: We united to companies in production and eight channels in record time amidst the crisis

VIP 2000 takes pride in special about Coronavirus
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|07 de julio de 2020

The one-hour special, Latinoamérica en Tiempos de Coronavirus, represents for Roxana Rotundo, CEO and founder of VIP 2000 TV, a double pride. On the industry side, due to how fast its realization was implemented together with KM from Panama, with whom in two weeks they managed to summon the collaboration of eight TV channels in the region (Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Paraguay, Panama, and Bolivia) and on the personal side because she was able to witness first hand the civic response of the Latin American people to adjust to the new reality of the pandemic.

“I am proud on the side of the business where we join two companies in production and eight channels in record time amidst the crisis, a unique accomplishment in the pandemic. And at a content level, for people to see civility in Latin America that contrasts with developed countries," she expressed.

The special is available for distribution and about to consolidate sales.

She mentioned that the production took eight months and this first special -they have plans to do several- is centered on more cases in Ecuador and Mexico.

“The goal of the documentary is to show the effort Latin America must make to survive economically day after day and to be able to comply with the regulations. There is a lot to feel proud of as Latin Americans," he explains. He mentioned that in countries such as Panama and Peru, to decrease the risk of infection, they have certain days for only men to go out and others only for women.

Rotundo launched as a reflection to the industry that it is time to unite distributors and producers to move ahead, "solidarity between companies because super companies are increasingly united and we are becoming smaller".