Roxana Rotundo, CEO of VIP 2000 TV.

VIP 2000 TV and Casablanca will take more than five original productions to Conecta Fiction
11 de junio de 2019

VIP 2000 TV and the production company Casablanca Brazil announced that they will present in Conecta Fiction more than five original productions, made jointly, in which they expect to prove that they can produce in any language, simulating any country in the Casablanca studios, both in Rio de Janeiro and in São Paulo.

“Casablanca has been investing for a long time in buying relevant, real-life stories worldwide. They believe in buying stories based
on books that have been in different countries, our fusion for these projects has allowed us to reach global significance," expressed
Roxana Rotundo, CEO of VIP 2000 TV.

VIP 2000 TV and Casablanca assured that they will present series of all the genres and highlighted the LGBT series Icons,
where biographies of LGBT celebrities who have changed history are told. “The first story will be presented in Conecta and we are sure
it will have a positive impact on the audience, the title is Gisberta”.

Rosalind Rotundo, VP of VIP 2000, gave details of other projects: “We are developing a series that will cover for the first time
the topic of death and eutanasia in a way it has never been covered before. It is called Finale.
Ande there is a series we are preparing called Soccer & passion that will impact on the topic of soccer. We have negotiations with important
co-producers for our projects”.