Rosalind Rotundo, VP of VIP 2000 TV

VIP 2000 TV announced that Wuthering Heights is their first ZAP Novela completely finished

18 de octubre de 2016

VIP 2000 TV announced that their first ZAP Novela, Wuthering Heights, is completely finished, having 5 episodes x 1 hour filmed in 4K. “This first production, of a group of ZAP Novela, is now being dubbed to english so it is ready for the advanced businesses we have had before MIPCOM 2016,” expressed Rosalind Rotundo, VP of VIP 2000 TV.

The company is at stand P-1.K11, on Palais des Festivals’ Main Floor, showing their own productions and new formats.

Rotundo said that Proof of Faith is beginning preproduction of 4 new episodes that will be filmed in Mexico, including Saint John Diego and Martyr Children of Tlaxcala, with Calliope Productions.

“We have brought to MIPCOM, our material dubbed in English. We have 45 eps of our TV series Escándalos already filmed and 120 written ready to be adapted by any country. Episodes have better rating if the scandal that is being re-enacted has had bigger coverage around the world, so we have focused in working with the most famous ones. For Proof of Faith we have 20 eps already filmed ready to be delivered this year and 40 eps. written to be adapted to the country of origin of each Saint. We want to produce one ZAP Novela in English in 2017. We are finishing some details so we can focus on this goal. We want to start producing in English,” Rotundo added.

Regarding new formats, Rotundo thinks The Wall will have a good acceptance. “We have given it a unique touch, to make it different from super series and telenovelas, and our other format, Your Guardian Angel, is a format that we want it to work for any religion in any country in the world,” she emphasized.