El Muro (50x60’)

VIP 2000 TV presents the superseries El Muro precisely when the US announces the construction of a wall at the border

27 de enero de 2017

VIP 2000 presented in the last Natpe, a new fiction project that caused great impact in the market: the 50-episode (one hour each) superseries, called El Muro (The Wall), which deals with the topic of immigration that appears every day on the news. This occurs at the time when the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico is announced.

“During the development of the series El Muro, a wall will be built, as it will actually happen in real life, telling true stories of the border. In the end, the outcome will be a message of hope and union for the Hispanic community,” said Roxana Rotundo, CEO of VIP 2000 TV.

Rotundo mentioned that in this situation there is a lot of drama to be told. “What is happening there is of interest to any country in the world, not just Mexico and the US. A client from the South Cone told us that everyone will talk about this for the next eight years. This is why we want to be part of this project.”

The series has a main love story that occurs between an illegal immigrant and an immigration officer. When crossing the border, she loses her son in a battle between coyotes or human traffickers and the officer who arrests her. He falls in love with the woman, and unleashes a struggle between his mind and his heart.

At the same time, each week, a new border story, based on facts, such as human organ trafficking, teenager trafficking, corruption between legal agencies and many others, will be told.