VIP 2000 TV party and screening during NATPE 2016

VIP 2000 TV treated its clients, producers and artists with a NATPE event in the Botanical Gardens in Miami Beach

Maribel Ramos-Weiner, Miami Beach|19 de enero de 2016

VIP 2000 TV held a NATPE in the Botanical Gardens in Miami Beach. “We decided to have this party to thank all the clients, producers and artists that have accompanied us in this new independent production stage”, explained to PRODU Roxana and Rosalind Rotundo, CEO and VP of the company, respectively. During the celebration, the Rotundo sisters and Ricardo Álamo, owner of Nirvana Films, thanked Leonardo Bigott, ex Televen, who believed in the Escándalos project from the beginning and offered the first screen in Latin America for the episodic series that is already being broadcast in 12 countries in the region. “We started 2016 with the second season of Escándalos and the second of Tómame o Déjame, as well as the new production Prueba de Fe (40x60’) a fiction program on miracles approved by the Vatican for the beatification of saints. Prueba de Fe is made in Panama and Venezuela”, said Rosalind. She mentioned that the Greek novela Brusko -also part of the company's NATPE offer for - is already being dubbed into Spanish, and has been sold to Televen in Venezuela and TVN Chile. “We already have more than 2000 hours of content from Romania, Croatia, Portugal, India and now Greece which has been very positive.” added Roxana. During the event, the singer and actor Robert Avellanet interpreted the main song of Tómame o Déjame with music by Francisco Cabrujas. “Daily innovation is indispensable in the business in order to remain in this competitive industry. That is why we try to present ourselves with untraditional contents. In 2009 we dubbed and sold to Latin America and the US the first telenovela from India, called Aladino and in 2015 we finished dubbing Buda, the only telenovela that tells the story of the famous spiritual leader. We have bet on exotic telenovelas, whose plot can stand out from what the Hispanic TV viewer is used to watching”, ended Roxana.