Soy Un Mujerón (12x60’)

VIP 2000 TV: We are venturing into the production of realities with Soy Un Mujerón and Lights, Phone & Action

Maribel Ramos-Weiner|09 de enero de 2018

VIP 2000 TV ventures into the production and distribution of realities with Soy Un Mujerón (12x60’) and Lights, Phone & Action (12x60’) for this Natpe 2018.

Soy Un Mujerón is focused on empowering women. “With all the movement that has started with #MeToo and #timesup, this reality is here to cover a void, and we feel it is very important for the audience of any country around the globe. The aim of the program is to change every woman who participates in the next Mujerón, respecting her authenticity, and her inner beauty, regardless of her weight, scars or emotional marks. We will get to know the lives of eight women and their transformation with the help of the charismatic coach Aniluli Muñeca,” highlights Roxana Rotundo, President of VIP 2000 TV.

In the reality show, Lights, Phone & Action, each participant only needs his/her talent, creativity, and a smartphone to change her/his life. More details about both products will be revealed during Natpe 2018. VIP 2000 TV will be co-producing both with another company that they will later announce and will offer both the format and the finished program.

“The distribution business is changing rapidly and reinvention is necessary in order to continue in vigor. We are taking new projects and entertainment material to this Natpe that include bloopers, candid camera, among others, now very sought after by open TV channels. We are very happy because we feel that 2018 will be extremely positive for the industry. We started the year with great happiness with our traditional contest for Natpe 2018,” commented Rotundo.