VIP 2000 TV´s Roxana and Rosalid Rotundo with 7AMedia´s César Díaz

VIP 2000 TV: We consolidated alliance with 7AMedia for them to distribute our own content outside LatAm and the US

01 de marzo de 2016

Roxana Rotundo and César Díaz, owners of the distributors VIP 2000 TV and 7AMedia, respectively, announced the signing of a distribution agreement for 7AMedia to sell the productions in VIP 2000 TV’s catalogue made by them to territories outside Latin America and the US. VIP 2000 TV started to produce its own contents in 2014, in an alliance framework with independent production companies in the region. To this date, VIP 2000 TV’s own productions are Escándalos (45x60’), and the comedy series Tómame o Déjame (20x60’ the first season) and the third production is the episodic series Prueba de Fe (40x60’). “For VIP it is thrilling to consolidate this team to take our products outside America and to make our best effort to match the success achieved in our region. We will be in Mip and in Mipcom with our stand betting on new markets. We know Prueba de Fe can be a great success in Europe. We are open to co-productions with other countries with our co-production formula that is very simple”, mentioned Rotundo. “Many of us in our industry acknowledge the hard work Roxana has always proven throughout all these years. Regardless of the situation, in times of highs or lows, Roxana has constantly been a professional, a struggler and has known how to stand out. I feel very happy to be able to consolidate this alliance”, said Díaz. Rotundo added that for this year they are developing three programs and one new property that they will launch for LA Screenings. “We are going through hard times in Latin America and my position is that we, independent producers and distributors should partner and seek ways to become stronger, big transnational companies are doing it, so why shouldn’t we? And in this case we are very happy to do so with Cesar and his recent company, which we know will become more and more solid”, he emphasized. In Mip TV they will be on the main floor of the Palais de Festival, stand P-1.K11.