Virgilio Flores, Creative Director at ALMA

NEW FIAP - Virgilio Flores From ALMA: These Acknowledgments Represent The Fruit Of The Work That Has Been Made Throughout The Year
Mara Fernández / Manuela Walfenzao|06 de septiembre de 2017

Creative Director at ALMA, Virgilio Flores, celebrated the 13 metals and six finalist nominations the agency obtained at the awards ceremony of the New FIAP. The creative also attended as a jury of the festival and highlighted the value of this type of gatherings.

“These acknowledgments are very important because they represent the fruit of the work made throughout the year. The agency is going through a great moment, and thanks to all the team and the Netflix team that made Narcos, which is marvelous and has achieved all this for the agency. We also did very well with the graphic pieces of Footshake” said Flores. “This is a sample of what is made in ALMA, it is very constant and dedicated work, and it is all under the leadership of Álvar Suñol and Luis Miguel Messianu."

Flores thinks that festivals are always going to be important, because beyond the awards, what matters is the contact point. “The conferences, sharing with other jurors who have experience, learning from them and in that sense, FIAP this year was a great experience and I have been very happy” he said. “I am leaving eager to tell the guys at the agency about everything I learned. These spaces shake up your head and poses new challenges for ALMA's good moment to continue” he concluded.