Cecyl Szomstein, Casting Director of Telemundo

Virtual castings are working very well
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|31 de marzo de 2021

For Cecyl Szomstein, Casting Director of Telemundo, virtual castings are working very well and she considers that the face-to-face castings —which are currently paralyzed— will have to wait for a long time. "The crowded waiting rooms of face-to-face castings have been replaced by halls, bedrooms, closets or patios at homes," she points out.

In casting the great challenge is “to draw and give a face to the story, to make the public identify with each character played by each actor. We finished shaping each character through each talent. There are many extraordinary actors and actresses and the challenge is in identifying each one of them for each character,” she said.

She mentioned that giving the opportunity to inclusion and diversity —as it happens now— makes her very proud and adds to the projects.

Another trend that she observes is how well prepared the actors are. “We see the series with more real, more organic and natural performances. That is exactly what we are looking for when we do a casting, to believe that they are really the character they are playing,” she added.

She pointed out that there is nothing more satisfying than finding out that a new talent wins the casting and watching it succeed on screen. "Knowing that you were part of that process feels like the pride of a mother when she sees her son achieving his goals."

Among the most recent castings in which she has participated are Peacock's original Armas de mujer, as well as various projects and pilots that will be released very soon. She emphasized that she was very proud to have participated in La suerte de Loli, 100 días para enamorarnos and Operación Pacífico.