Federico Cuervo, SVP, and Head of VIS: We will have a very active end of the year

VIS is resuming productions
Flor Singer|03 de septiembre de 2020

For five months, ViacomCBS had to stop productions due to the pandemic, but in the next few days, they will be announcing the restart of shootings, with a calendar that is already taking shape.

“In the next few days we will resume these productions and we will have a very active end of the year," comments Federico Cuervo, Senior VP, and Head of VIS Viacom International Studios (VIS), in one of the Conecta Fiction Reboot keynotes.

“We made use of this time to rethink how to produce, obviously with the protocols, and work on new ideas and formats to produce next year, and the one after that, inspired in what we are watching and what we think audiences want to watch," adds the executive.

Cuervo explained that some projects had to be rewritten, but not many. "We had to reimagine how to shoot them with little tricks, but the essence of what we wanted to tell has not changed.” For the new projects, from the writing phase, they are being conceived to be able to be produced with the changes the pandemic has introduced, "with which we will have to live who knows for how long".

In his opinion, a new golden age of content is coming, with the shift imposed by the multiplicity of platforms. "There is an audience for all the platforms and the possibility of reaching many people will remain for a long time," he says. “This is something that allows you to think about the best window to exhibit it. At ViacomCVS we have the complete ecosystem and that is why we can also produce for third parties."